Lingdale Offshore is a provider of painters and fire watchers to the Marine and Offshore industry.

We can provide top level labour with less than 24 hours notice and pride ourselves on our qualified and diligent workforce.


Marine Painting

We are able to provide fully qualified, highly skilled marine painters.
Our painters experience ensures that we meet our customers expectations & provide complete customer satisfaction. All the products we use are of the highest quality supplied by Hemel & International paints.

Fire Watchers

We are able to provide qualified & experienced fire watchers across the UK.
Our employees experience ensures every job is conducted following the correct safety procedures. Our fire watchers have received MPQC fire safety & Expedient fire watching certificates.

We are are able to provide a responsive service across the UK, meaning our painters and fire watchers can be ready and available at short notice.


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 With over 35 years industry experience we understand the needs of our clients. We provide Painters and Fire Watchers to the Marine and Offshore industry and we are committed to providing outstanding quality and service.


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Marine Painting

Fire Watching

Paul Benoliel, Managing Director.

Paul Benoliel, Managing Director.

Our team

“All of our employees are qualified, highly skilled and committed to meeting the highest expectations of our clients”